I can’t even believe my lack of ambition today!  I have the day off from my real life job, so I thought I would give a go at my fantasy life job of writing.  Well as usual my morning burst of creativity washed out my afternoon burst!  I can’t even seem to stay focused on one topic. 

Now I find out they are taking submissions for the Regional Ramblings news letter and the deadline is May 20th.  I have always wanted to put something in there, but have never known how to go about it.  Well today at the library there was a little flyer all bright green and reaching straight out at me.  Then I go to lunch with my mom and in the news and views what did I find?  A little add with the same advertisement.  I think it means I need to get my butt in gear and finish this story that I have been working on!

Here’s another little taste:

The next morning came to quickly for Lizzie.  Exhaustion filled her head with with fog.  Inspite of that she smiled to herself remembering her night of fun.  She rose slowly and began to get ready for her day with Harry. 

Suddenly butterflies began to dance around her insides.

She waved her hand and huffed away the silly little girl emotion as she walked to her dresser.

She was a child the last time she had butterflies.  She got excited about things like leaving the island to go to town way back then.

Now there was a handsome man causing them to awaken.

She decided on the blue and white stripped sweater over her white tank top and tennis skirt. 
She opted on her bathing suit underneath, because the weather man said it was going to be very warm in the afternoon.

“Oh I better grab some sunscreen too”, she said to herself as she checked off another item on her mental list.
As she stood in front of the mirror she smiled at the image starring back at her.

Her face was glowing.  Not since she found out her first children’s book submission had been picked for an award had she been this happy. 

That award led to her agent who eventually led her to a full fledged writing career. 

Could it be that Janelle’s wonderful party last night could have been the first stepping stone to her finding love? 

“Oh”, she huffed again and waved her hand at the mirror.  “Why am I being so silly?  It’s been one night for crying out loud!  I hardly know any thing about the man.”

She fiddled with her ash blond pony tail one more time before grabbing the picnic basket and her bag to leave.


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