We were riding in the car the other day and Benjamin looks over at me thoughtfully.  He says, “Mom did you already go to college?”  I said “Yes,” proudly and smiled at him.

Then he says, “So what are you then?”

Hmm…  Ok that caught me a little off guard!  What am I?  I am a mother, I am a wife, I am a cook, I am a housekeeper, I am a bus driver, I am an animal trainer, and sometimes I am a zoo keeper! 

So what I really said was, “I work at Marvins and I am a Travel Coordinator.”  And he says, “No, but whaaat arrrre youuuu?”

Oh boy this is not going to go well no matter what I say if it’s not a doctor or a lawyer or a power ranger, so I just say, “I am the one who organizes everyones travel schedule at work.  I talk on the phone and play on the computer.

“Oh ok.”  He says without another word.

Ya know one of my co-workers tells a little story at the beginning of his presentations about his little boy and what he thinks his daddy does.

He asked his little boy one day after the little boy told his dad to have a good day at work, “What kind of place do you think I work at?”  And the little boy replied, “Mmm… Candy store?”

Well my co-workers says what else would he think.  I go to work and bring home treats!

I guess we can’t expect little minds to pick up on all of our insecurities.  If we think we do everything, but they only see part of it then in their mind that’s all we do:-)


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