Twitter, Shout life, Face Book, blogging!  It’s all becoming a little bit overwhelming.  Short of going on these sites at work I don’t have enough time to keep up with them all.  I mean I do like to sleep after all. 

I believe spring has finally decided to show in northern Minnesota although woke up to a white ground yet again yesterday!  That was a surprise, not only to me I suspect. 

I was just excitedly telling my co-worker that my frogs are out and I listened to them that morning.  I am guessing snow does not agree with frogs and birds and other animals who are thinking, “Did we come out at the wrong time and will spring ever get here?”

I just can’t wait to soak my bleach white face in the sunlight!  In the winter I am so pale.  A sun-kist look will do me good!  I actually have used the sunless tanning accelerator and it is not bad.  It works and it doesn’t turn you orange like the ones years ago did.  I suppose if you used to much or didn’t apply it correctly the same would happen. 

My son is now six years old!  He is in the big time now.  Although the poor kid goes outside to play by himself.  He really needs a brother or a sister to play with!  We could not get him to play outside by himself before.  He would stay on the deck or not go out at all.  Now he is in his sandbox and on the verge of exploring the woods.  He we in yesterday, but came righ back out.  He is growing up that is for sure!


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