The rising sun

I have been sitting here for over an hour writing and thinking, writing and thinking.  It was dim when I first sat, so I switched on the light over head. 

Now I notice creaping up the window and trying to come in a bright stream of light.  It’s climbing over head and soon will be on top.  But as it climbs I enjoy it’s attempt to peek through the trees.  The trees that surround my property.  The trees that protect my house from the wind, but block the beautiful sunlight trying to get in. 

Soon there will be no need to hoard the sunlight.  Spring and summer are on their way.  With them come plenty of the splendor so we can play.  For now we will have to bask in the weak streams of light peering through the trees.  Sitting by the window wishing for a summer breeze.

The best we can hope for today’s weather is climbing above 10 degrees.  We hope and wish yet mother nature does as she please.


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