The day I went without caffeine

I decided to try to give up one of my bad habits.  Caffeine is my only addiction, unless of course you count reality TV.

Studies say and doctors say that caffeine is bad and can affect your  badly.

Well I would have to agree about the stomach statement.  I am taking an antacid a day to combat severe heartburn – yikes!

I know it’s because of the coffee I drink.  I know this because I quit drinking it for a couple of weeks this summer and did not have to take an antacid at all.

At the time I quit buying regular coffee and was on decaf.  I also tried decaf pop.  But gradually I wiened myself back onto caffeine.  I don’t remember exactly which straw broke the camels back, but I think it was our trip to Medora. 

Anyway I switched to decaf at work with a couple of shots of decaf on the top (what can I say I like that bite in the first drink!).  When I am at home however I am not as diciplined and I really like the wake up call the strong shot of coffee provides.  But my stomache was killing me and the antacids had stopped working.  So I decided to not drink any caffeine the next day.

My day started like any other.  Up in the morning with a couple of glasses of water.  No coffee.  I went to work.  No coffee.  I started to feel a little shaky, but I kept on with the water and no coffee.  By noon my head had completely fogged over.  I had a massive headache and my nerves were shot.  Not even Ibuprophen would help at this point.  The worst part was I was in slow motion all day.  My butt was dragging!

Finally I decided to add a couple of shots of strong coffee to my decaf.  Almost instantly the fog began to clear.  My headache subsided little by little and dropped the lead out of my rearend!

I am not sure it was worth giving up.  I have been really good at work drinking only decaf with a little shot of the strong stuff on top.  But at home it’s a little harder to stay away from.  I have been able to cut the antacid intake though just by cutting down on caffeine, but they are always in reach!


3 thoughts on “The day I went without caffeine

  1. Hi! I’m happy to see another wordpress blogger. I arrived here by clicking on the link in your CW post.

    About caffeine–there’s been stuff out there since forever saying caffeine is bad, AND there’s about an equal number of declarations that caffeine is actually good for you.

    My conclusion is depends on the individual’s physiology. For my particular body and brain, it’s good for me and even necessary.

    If I can figure out how to do it (I forget between times) I’d like to link your blog to mine, and you are welcome to do the same. Elaine Soerens

    I’m also on Facebook.

    • I would love to link together, however I don’t know how either. I am very green at this and am learning as I go. You can contact me anyway you would like if you would be so kind as to let me in on how to do that!
      Thanks for your response! I was wondering if anyone was reading what I wrote. Don’t you love CW!
      Thanks again,

  2. I tried the same thing once with the very same results. Now I do half and half and it has seriously cut down on my heartburn (only on those days when I eat too much late in the day do I still get it).

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