This is the day! This is the day! This is the day that the Lord has made!

Once upon a time there was a little girl who had a dream. That dream was to become a professional writer.  At age 15 who really thinks about that?  Well me that’s who.

I had just watched the movie Crocadile Dundee and let me tell you I was never more sure about anything in my life.  I was going to become a famous newspaper writer traveling all over the world to interview hunky men with great accents and get the heck out of po-dunk-ville, to use the made up language of a 15 year old, small town, midwestern girl.

The moment the music started to play and Sue immerged from that helicopter to set foot in Australia, I knew it!  I knew it as sure as I knew my own name. And that name would have it’s own byline someday.

Of course she lived in New York and worked for her fathers newspaper, so she had certain advantages that I would certainly have to overcome.
None the less my determination was going to get me to Australia one day!

Unfortunately life has other ideas of how things will turn out. And I believe God’s sense of humor has a lot to do with that.

I have had my own by-line, albeit in the form of a weekly local column about fluff.  And I am still writing, albeit I haven’t sold anything, yet. And I am traveling quite a bit, albeit not to exotic foreign places to write about them.  I commute 60 miles a day to get to my job.  A job that actually produces a paycheck.

I would love to spend my days plunking out my stories as they fall from my mind onto the paper, but I can’t find anyone to pay me for that.  And I do like to eat, so a full time job earning a real paycheck it is.

I am married to a wonderfull man that would love to take me to Australia, but our son needs a house to protect him from the cold Minnesota winters more than I need a trip to the great down under, so a mortgage it is!

But through it all God has not given up on that child or her dream. I did afterall find the link to this website.  I believe my ticket to Australia is not lost forever, just postponed for a short time!


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