More on the great white tail expedition

The days leading up to opening weekend of deer hunting are the most exciting!
The whole week is filled with preperation. Finding all of our bright orange apparel, binaculars, knife, sleeping bags, warm underclothes and trying to fit all of this stuff into a bag that will not take up so much room!
That never happens. I am usually stuffing things into garbage bags and cramming them into my tiny little Honda.
Everyone generally arrives at my mom and dad’s house on Friday night. The eve of opening morning! Then of course we head over to my uncle’s cabin to check in.
We see who is up for the hunt and have a merry time chatting late into the evening!
As we crawl into our warm sleeping bags thoughts of white tails flickering and loud tromping noises through the brush fill our dreams.
After a short nap it’s up coffee and toast and many many layers of clothes!
I remember one year that we didn’t have to dress so warmly, but most years it’s cold!
After our morning hunt comes breakfast. We all start heading in around the same time. When we get in someone makes sure there is plenty of coffee and someone starts breakfast. It really is a family affair. We try to spread it around, so my mom doesn’t end up cooking for all of us hooligans.
After breakfast of course comes the much needed nap on the sofa or davenport as my grandma used to call it.
But alas! No nap is to be had, because of course after breakfast is the time when others are out and about checking to see if we have decreased the deer population at all.
Visitors come from far and wide. Luckily we always have plenty of coffee and treats to feed them.


One thought on “More on the great white tail expedition

  1. Great post. Made me long for hunting season. I think what anyone who has not had the opportunity to participate may not understand is it is so much more than about bagging meat. There is the zen to sitting, waiting, being silent, listening and being in nature. And on the other hand, the social aspect. It’s a fun excuse to be together with friends and family, and usually there is more time spent around the kitchen table telling stories with good food and coffee than out there hunting…
    Thanks for the post,
    Gin from

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