My clock is ticking!

When Mitch and first decided to get married I knew I wanted to become a mother. He joked that he wanted 10 children. We quickly compromised on five! Well it took longer than either of us thought it would to become pregnant with Benjmain, so we were happy with one! Then a couple of years later when I got pregnant again I was so happy!
But tragically that ended in a miscarriage. I was devasted for a long time.
I decided in my own head that I was meant to have only one child. But in the last year or more I have not been able to think about much else. I guess my clock is ticking as they say. But we have had no luck what so ever conceiving a baby on our own. I don’t want to go through the evasive treatments involved with invitro and the other medical options, so we are starting a new journey! More on that later.
I am really excited, but I know that Mitch is still in the “getting used to the idea” stage.
I really want to have more kids. Of course more kids mean more costs and with the way things are going in the world and our community today, stress is at a HIGH level in my house lately. I am trusting God every minute of every day these days.


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