Rock Tag

Doesn’t that sound like fun! When my brothers and I were young we lived way, way out in the country. We did not have a swimming pool, trampoline or expensive motorized toys, but what we did have was hundreds of acres of trees, pasture and yard to play in and find adventure in.
One of the greatest passtimes while playing outside was rock tag. There was a pattern of rocks in a big oval positioned about 6-7 inches apart. We would hop from one to the other and play tag on them. At least until our mom yelled at us to get off those rocks. We wondered how she always knew where we were. It’s the appeal of the forbidden! The rocks were in the pasture which housed an untrained stallion horse that was very unpredictable. Of course we didn’t understand why that was such a big deal. Until of course we all had children of our own!


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